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Our hunting packages are customized to fit your needs and your schedule. During your hunt with Quail Quest, you can plan on spending several days hunting our abundant land. It is a great idea to call and get reservations as early as possible because prime hunting dates will go fast! We look forward to your hunt with us!

Frequently Asked Questions

We do not mix hunting parties at Quail Quest. If you are hunting with us you will only hunt with your group. We do try to hunt in groups of 4-6  people. When hunting in this group size it allows everyone to have plenty of shooting and safe as possible.

We recommend #6 shot high brass shells. This seems to to be the load where we find our hunters have the most success, while not shooting up the bird.

We welcome everyone including men, women, children, families and friends. We are family friendly and have several groups that bring spouses or entire families every year.

A controlled shooting area license is adequate for all of our hunts and costs $27.50. If you already have a resident license or non-resident license, those will work as well.

The Experience

Quail Quest will take you on your best hunt yet. Every effort is made to ensure that each of our guests has the highest quality hunting experience.

We offer a full-service pheasant hunting package that is sure to provide lots of shooting and fun for all! All hunts include a Quail Quest guide, experienced gun dogs, transportation, and much more. If you have any special requests, be sure and contact us prior to your hunt with us.

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Arriving to Hunt at Quail Quest

Plan to arrive the afternoon or early evening the day before your scheduled hunt so there is time to discuss the plan and get things settled for the upcoming day’s hunt.

Upon your arrival, please check-in with the Quail Quest staff and complete any necessary paperwork for your hunt with us.

Departure From Quail Quest

Departure is likely to be before 9 a.m. the morning after your last day of hunting. However, we will adjust our schedules to meet your travel plans. Upon departure, you will also pick up your game that you will be taking with you from your hunt.

Physical Limitations

Please keep in mind that hunting can be very physically demanding. With prior arrangements, other accommodations can be made for those who might not be able to walk long distances. Please contact us for further information.

Field Transportation:

Your guide will provide field transportation in one of our crew cab trucks, which have secure dog boxes, game storage, water cooler, and a first aid station.

Airport Pickup:

By special arrangement, guests can be picked up / dropped off at Lucas and Salina Airports.

Lucas, Kansas: Located about 12 miles straight west of Sylvan Grove. There is about 2,900 ft. of paved runway.

Salina, Kansas (SLN): Located just 60 East/Northeast of our location. Receives commercial flights from Chicago and Denver.

Wichita, Kansas (ICT): From the Wichita Airport to Quail Quest, it is a 3-hour drive. The best alternative for pick-up/drop-off is a rental car service.

Kansas City, Missouri (MCI): From the Kansas City Airport to Quail Quest, it is a 4-hour drive. The best alternative for pick-up/drop-off is a rental car service.

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Hunting Information

For safety reasons, large pheasant hunting parties are normally divided into smaller groups of four to six. Protective eyewear and blaze orange clothing are mandatory.

Ammunition: excessively powered shells such as nitro-mags and shot larger than #6 are not necessary and PROHIBITED. Hi-velocity ammunition with a maximum shot size of #6 is recommended. Please call ahead to confirm availability of 16 ga., 28 ga., and .410 ga.

Alcoholic Beverages: consumption cannot be allowed until completing that day’s hunting/shooting activities. If you consume alcohol, you cannot participate that day.

What to Bring?

  • Outdoor clothing applicable to the season (see our weather forecast prior to arrival)
  • Shotgun -12, 16, and 20 gauge are normally used for pheasants at the ranch.
  • Blaze Orange – Minimum of a cap and vest.
  • Protective Eyewear
  • Ammunition

Suggested Cold Weather Gear

  • Insulated Hunting boots – Broken in for walking
  • Bird Hunting Coat-Blaze Orange
  • Sweatshirt
  • Insulated Coat & Gloves
  • Wool Pants, Socks, & Long Underwear
  • Stocking Hat or Cap with Ear Flaps
  • Heavy Sweater
  • Extra pairs of warm socks

*Note: Winter (December, January & February) lows can be around zero degrees Fahrenheit but we can also experience highs in the 50′s during the Kansas winter!

What We Provide?

  • Top-notch private hunting ground
  • Field transportation
  • Professional gunless and trained hunting dogs
  • Bird cleaning and packaging
  • All meals and refreshments
  • Quail Quest hat
  • Guest dog kennels
  • Lodging
  • Cable TV and wireless internet

Hunting License

Anyone born on or after July 1, 1957 must attest to having successfully completed a certified hunter education course. Anyone under 27 years old must carry an appropriate hunter education card while hunting in Kansas. Please provide your valid hunting license at the time of arrival.

  • Kansas Resident License $20.50
  • Non-Resident License $72.50
  • Controlled Shooting Area License $17.50

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Hunting Dog Information

Our staff utilizes a variety of breeds in escorting hunts at the ranch. Most of the traditional pointing breeds are represented including Brittanys, French Brittanys, and German Shorthaired Pointers.

Hunting with Your Own Dogs

Your dogs are welcome on your hunt at Quail Quest with your cooperation on some issues that cause many operations to resist allowing guest dogs. However, we require current vaccinations for rabies, kennel cough and distemper/parvo.

We expect that guest dogs be trained and under control of the handler. Dogs must be on leash while in ranch headquarters yard. Owners should be prepared to work with their dogs.