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Prairie Dog Hunting

NEW for Summer of 2021. Book your 2021 Kansas prairie dog hunting dates, (785) 534-9508. All our prairie dog hunts are from are located in Central Kansas.

Prairie Dog Hunting in Kansas

May – June has to be some of the best prairie dog shooting that we can offer. We can hunt prairie dog hunt all year long but typically we see hunters take advantage of the summer months to chase prairie dogs. Prairie dog hunts are great for anyone who likes to work on accuracy.

Lodging, semi-guided, shooting tables are all provided. No meals will be provided but there are some great locations for our clients to eat.

Currently we have a number of farms which have about 160-200 acres each. All hunting areas located within 30 minutes the lodges. We recommend shooters to use 22-250 or 223 rifles. For these hunts we require to book parties of 4 or more. Please take a moment and contact for any more questions or how to book your next prairie dog hunt.

Prairie Dog Hunts
$300starting at
  • Cost is per hunter – per day
  • Lodging
  • Semi-Guided
  • Shooting tables
  • Minimum of 4 hunters to book

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Why To Choose Quail Quest?

When you choose to hunt with Quail Quest you can rest assured that you will be whitetail deer hunting with dedicated folks who will work their hardest to make your Kansas whitetail deer hunt the best that it can be. If you put together proper nutrition, great genetics and excellent cover you can produce that type of whitetail deer that we have had the opportunity to hunt.

We take great pride in the services that we provide. You will experience quality hunting at affordable prices. Come to Kansas and experience our beautiful sunsets, wide open spaces, and our excellent whitetail deer hunting adventures!